Shuttlecock and Badmington Racket

Things you want to know before you come down

You won't know if you don't ask

How much does it cost?

Week 1 is completely FREE so try before you buy. A further 5 weeks @ £5 to let you get a feel for the place then when you've decided everything's right we have a monthly club membership.

League details

Not everyone wants to play fast and furious, but if you do we have teams in the Chesterfield Badminton League and Sheffield Badminton League. 
We are always looking to complement our current teams and add some more.

How many players are at the club?

We currently have a fairly stable membership of around 30 members . We have a wide range range of ages and abilities and both men and lady players. We are also developing a good junior to the club with new members arriving pre pandemic and also taking advantage of some 1-1 coaching.